Meet Your TLC Escondido Dentist: Dr. Catalina Madrigal 

TLC Escondido Dental has been an integral part of the community since 1972. In 2019, Dr. Catalina Madrigal (along with her husband) purchased the practice with the goal of continuing the legacy of founders Dr. Skip Weigel and Dr. Theresa Cutler.

Since then, Dr. Madrigal has built lasting relationships with hundreds of patients in the area and earned a reputation for providing friendly, comfortable, high-quality care.

Get to know her better, below.

Tell us about yourself!

The most important thing you should know about me is that I love practicing dentistry and helping people feel happy about their smiles.

I went to dental school in Guanajuato, Mexico, and graduated with a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from La Salle Bajio School of Dentistry. I’m proud to have graduated first in my class — I’ve always been dedicated to doing my best work, and that continues to this day!

Why did you decide to become a dentist?

I decided to become a dentist to help others. A person’s smile makes all the difference in their life — when someone is scared to show it, or it’s causing them pain, that can be really difficult. It plays a huge role in a person’s quality of life.

As a dentist, I can help people gain the confidence to smile wide and feel great about themselves and their health. There’s no better feeling!

What are you most proud of as a dentist?

I’m proud of the relationships I’ve built with my patients. This is an incredible city and so many of my patients become my friends! I feel happy that I have the opportunity to play a positive role in our community and be a resource people can turn to.

I also really enjoy volunteering in the local area and especially like helping children with disabilities. That’s really rewarding.

What should patients know about your approach?

As my patient, you can expect a gentle and friendly experience. This is a partnership, not a one-sided relationship. My goal is to work with you to find the best treatment that meets your individual needs.

Patients can also trust that I am providing the latest, highest-quality care. I’m an active member of the American Dental Association and the California Dental Association and dedicated to learning. I complete over 100 hours of continuing education courses every year — 4 times what is required for dentists in California.

What are your best dental health tips for patients?

My best tip is very simple but very important — brush your teeth twice a day and floss every day. This small habit will make a huge difference in the future of your smile.

Additionally, we’ve published some great resources for patients on our blog. I recommend checking out these blogs to learn about some of the most common things we address with our patients!

Start here:

What’s something patients are often surprised to learn about their dental health?

A lot of people don’t realize how connected their mouth is to their overall health and wellness — it really is a window to the rest of your body.

Not only does caring for your mouth make a difference in your whole-body health, but your mouth can also show the signs of various medical conditions. For example, conditions like anemia, eating disorders, and osteoporosis can all be detected in the mouth!

What are your favorite places around Escondido? What do you like to do for fun?

Most days, you’ll find me spending time with family. Dr. Reyes makes a delicious BBQ and we enjoy doing that together! I also love exploring new restaurants in the neighborhood or relaxing with a good movie or favorite TV show.

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TLC Escondido Dental offers a non-judgmental, no-pressure approach to dentistry. If you’re looking for a new dental home in Escondido, Dr. Madrigal and the rest of our team would love to meet you and provide quality care.

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