Payment Options

More Payment Options

Our office happily accepts a combination of payment methods:

  • Most major insurances 
  • Cash, money orders, and personal checks
  • All major credit cards 


We also offer financing through CareCredit, a program similar to a health expenses credit card. Many of our patients qualify for 0% interest. Apply today or let us know if you have any questions.

We Believe Everyone Deserves High-Quality Dental Care

Cost is the number one reason why people in the US don’t get regular dental care. Even with insurance, some dental treatments may be out of your budget. We’re here to help. Our variety of payment options and financing choices make it easy to afford the care you need.

If you’ve been putting off dental care because you’re afraid of the cost, talk to us and learn your options. We’re not here to judge or dwell on the past. What matters now is that you’re choosing to take steps to get your health back on track. We’ll find the right payment plan for you.

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