What is emergency dental care?

Dental emergencies can happen anytime! You could lose a tooth while playing basketball or develop severe toothache within a few days. These types of situations are unexpected and can have a negative impact not only on your plans, but on your overall well-being.

If you think that you or a loved one is experiencing a dental emergency, it’s important to know what to do and where to go. So keep calm and keep reading — here, we’ll tell you everything you need to know!

What is a dental emergency?

A dental emergency is basically any oral condition that requires immediate treatment to save a tooth, alleviate intense pain, stop bleeding, prevent infection, or avoid something more serious.

Signs of a dental emergency

A severe toothache that doesn’t go away is one of the most common signs of a dental emergency (and it’s definitely a cause for concern). Other symptoms include:

  • Swollen gums
  • Bleeding from the mouth
  • A loose tooth
  • A broken or severely cracked tooth
  • Metal taste in your mouth (this could be a sign that you’re developing an infection)

If you experience any of these symptoms, get help immediately. If you need emergency dental services in Escondido, our team at TLC Escondido Dental is here for you. Call us at (760) 239-0632. Our team will be happy to help you restore your dental health!

What to do in a dental emergency?

If you have a dental emergency, don’t panic. Call your dentist as soon as possible and follow their instructions. In the meantime, here are some things you can do:

What to do if you have a knocked-out tooth?

  1. Pick up the tooth by its crown (don’t touch the root of the tooth!). If it’s dirty, carefully rinse it in water.
  2. Put it back in its socket if possible. Some teeth are too loose for this to work. If that’s the case, put your knocked-out tooth into milk as soon as possible.
  3. Bring it to our practice. The sooner you get help, the better chances we have at saving it!

What to do if you think you have a dental abscess?

A dental abscess is a serious infection that, if left untreated, can spread to other parts of your body. It occurs when bacteria get into an area that has been damaged by tooth decay or gum disease, before growing into a cavity inside the tooth or near the root. The pus-filled sac created by an abscess can become very painful and needs to be drained as soon as possible in order to prevent further complications such as spreading throughout the body via blood vessels. This may lead to permanent damage/loss of teeth.

If you are experiencing symptoms of an abscess, it is important to call a dentist immediately. While you wait for your appointment, rinsing your mouth with salt water can help relieve some of the pain and swelling.

What to do if you have a broken tooth?

If there are pieces of the tooth left in your mouth, avoid swallowing them. Remove them from your mouth and rinse them with cold water.

Apply gauze to the area in case there’s blood and apply a cold compress to the outside of your mouth to relieve pain and swelling. Bring the tooth pieces to your dentist’s office in a container with milk.

What to do if you have an object stuck between your teeth?

If you have an object stuck between your teeth, try using dental floss to pick it out.

if the object is small enough, this might be all that is required. If a flossing attempt fails or if the object is too big for floss, however, don’t try again with sharper instruments such as tweezers or needles, as doing so could damage your gums or push the object further into your mouth. Instead of focusing on removing the foreign body yourself at home, seek assistance from your dentist.

What emergencies require ER attention?

Not sure if you need to go to the dentist or to the emergency room? If you have any of these, you might need to see a doctor instead:

  • Extreme infections. If an infection is severe enough to cause fever, pain, and swelling that doesn’t go away over time, or if you have a fever accompanied by chills and vomiting/nausea, then it’s time for an emergency visit.
  • Broken jaw and other injuries. If you’ve broken your jaw or are experiencing any other facial injury, this is also a good reason to head straight to the ER rather than calling your dentist.
  • Massive blood loss. If your bleeding is too severe to control, go to the ER right away.

Are dental emergencies covered by insurance?

Depending on your plan and provider, some dental emergencies may be covered.

If you want to learn about your coverage, out-of-pocket costs, treatments, and payment options, contact your dentist’s office for information. At TLC Escondido Dental, we work with many insurance companies and offer a variety of payment and financing options, including our very own in-house membership plans.

Are you experiencing a dental emergency? 

If you’re experiencing pain or discomfort, don’t wait another minute to call your dentist. The sooner you call the more likely you are to start treatment as soon as possible and avoid further complications.

We know that having an emergency situation is stressful, but we are here to help you. Reach out to us in Escondido, our emergency dentists are not only experienced but compassionate and eager to help you smile again. Call us at (760) 239-0632 for an emergency appointment. We will do our best to accommodate you as soon as possible!

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